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2 of the biggest Kpop groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang has been presented the commendatory award by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki has been selected as excellent entertainers who had contributed to the entertainment realm during the year 2008. Every year the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will select from people who had contributed to the cultural industry.

Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are 2 of the groups who have had their activities outside Korea in other Southeast Asian countries including Japan. They have attained great results outside Korea, and can be said to be the 2 icon representatives of Korea’s popular music realm.”

“… The 2 teams have not only achieved best-selling results for their music albums and singles in Korea, they have also received much spotlight in other countries for their music. Their popularity in other countries are earning them more recognition as Asia’s best groups.”

“… The groups have not only got the charm, dance and also song power, they also venture into other areas like producing, lyrics and taking part in song compositions.”

source: sookyeong

>>Waaaaah! SO proud of DBSK and BB! HWAITING!

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>>DBSK had been busy for the past days. First it was SBS GD then JRA then Kohaku. They need some rest.

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>>The performance is short but it’s alright, it’s still Tohoshinki. ^^

>>Got lazy again T T Happy New Year Everybody!


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Lee Hongki of 5-member rock band FT Island has finally hit the hospital for treatment on the afternoon of December 30th (Korea).

FT Island’s rep stated:

Due to the concerts and busy end of year schedules, the members were extremely exhausted. Lee Hongki was affected the most and therefore was admitted into the hospital, where he will rest until January 1st. We will then head off to Japan to continue our promotions there.

Lee Hongki’s unhealthy condition was extremely evident at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejeon show, where he was still able to put on a stellar performance, although sounding very raspy and losing his voice towards the end. Here’s to a speedy recovery in the new year!

source: allkpop


Big Bang, along with their sponsor, sports brand FILA, will be releasing a “Branded Entertainment,” digital single entitled, “Stylish (The FILA).”

“Stylish,” was written by G-Dragon and composed by Perry. The track will be a “stylish,” (go figure) and upbeat hip-hop title.

YG Entertainment stated:

Very similar to “Anycall” and “Anymotion” by Lee Hyori, Big Bang’s “Stylish” will be tightly integrated with the FILA brand. Due to Big Bang’s musical talent and their “fashionista” status, this deal was possible.

I can see the midgets lining up already to buy FILA products. It’s a miracle, I guess Big Bang can be useful.

No release date yet, but “Stylish” should be out real soon.

source: allkpop


SM’s 13-member group Super Junior will be back in Korea for their new album next March after their last album ‘Don’t Don’t’ released in September 2007.

Super Junior leader Lee Teuk announced on SBS Gayo DaeJeon on 29th December, “We are in the midst of recording for our new album. The album is set to come next March.”

After their 2nd album, Super Junior released 2 unique groups Super Junior M and Super Junior Happy. This album will have Super Junior member back in to the main group again after 1 year and 6 months. Super Junior M will also end their activities by end-January in China.

source: sookyeong


Group Dong Bang Shin Ki to begin on their 3rd concert tour.

‘The 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic’ will set to start in February next year in Seoul, and will move on to 5 other cities like Beijing, ShangHai and Taipei in 12 concert performances. Seoul’s concert performance will be in Seoul Olympic Stadium on 20th to 22nd February.

For their last Asia concert tour, seeing 390,000 fans turning up, the ticket reservation website will be down the moment ticket sales start. This time, ticket sales will be on 7th, 12th and 15th January, 3 windows to prevent the same thing from happening again, on audition ticket site.

source: sookyeong

>>Buy your tickets here.

>>There were a lot of great performances and I’m lazy and excited to post other stuff so i’ll link the videos here. Mianhae, chingu^^

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