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Singer BoA performed shoulder to shoulder with pop stars like Chris Brown and the Pussycat Dolls at the “Jingle Ball” concert at the Anaheim Honda Center last Saturday.

The K-pop superstar sang her American debut song “Eat You Up” and “Look Who’s Talking” from her first album slated to come out next year, and drew an enthusiastic response from the audience.

After the performance, she said she was “happy” to appear in the show, which followed her debut on an MTV special titled “BoA Live in New York.”

Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jesse McCartney also made an appearance at the concert, which marks its ninth anniversary this year.


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>>BoA’s damn lucky!! Agree??

>>Remember that I posted ‘The One’ MV?? NOW, it’s the album details!! The album is expected to be released on December 17th. You can pre-order at YesAsia^^

Title : The One (CD+DVD)

Track List:

1. The One (4′03)
– written, composed by Shusui, Family Business
arranged by Yoshihiko Chino

2. Life Like a Musical (3′54)
– written by Shusui & FTIsland
composed by Shusui, Axel Bellinder, Stefan Engblom
arranged by Sadahiro Nakano

3. You’ll Be In My Heart (3′33)
– written by KIM JAEYANG & FTIsland
composed by Shusui, Anton Malmberg, Felix Persson
arranged by Jun Ichikawa

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Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported 12 days ago that “Dong Bang Shin Ki will debut onscreen on Subaru. Dong Bang Shin Ki will appear in a movie in theaters for the first time in that show”

The movie, Subaru is of a manga on ballet with the same name and is a popular manga in Japan. This is a joint venture and will be co-produced between South Korea’s SM Entertainment, Japan’s Avex Trax Entertainment, Warner Japan and Hong Kong Eduko Films.

Subaru will star the popular Japanese actress Kuroki Meisa and a member of SM Entertainment Korea actors cast, Go Ara.

The role of Dong Bang Shin Ki will be a surprise as they will appear on stage and perform live. “Since Subaru is a joined venture aimed at Asia, we obtained a concensus of the audience in Asia and they requested a special role for Dong Bang Shin Ki.” it was revealed.

Meanwhile, it was announced that in January, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new single Bolero will be used as the main theme for Subaru.

With the introduction of Dong Bang Shin Ki, expect there will be a lot of surprises in the movie. Subaru will be released starting next year March 20 in Asia.

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>>Woho!! I wish I could see this T T

>>Okay. I promised my best friend to post the DBSK’s GDA Pic Spam tonight but the PC is going crazy, so I’ll just post them tomorrow. You’ll Definitely enjoy them^^

MTVIggy released teasers of BoA’s performances in New York as she tries to conquer Hollywood.

MTVIggy is MTV’s global and pop culture netwirk. This is a chance of publicity for BoA.

Watch the teasers HERE.

SNSD’S 2ND ALBUM is coming out 2009
I’m going to post this on the front page so that people stop asking and hounding the girls about their come back.

Sooyoung said during the DokDoSarang concert yesterday, that their new album is coming out next year.

Atleast we have a confirmed-kind-of-date. I’m actually quite happy that SM is releasing the album next year. As much as I would love to have the girls back as soon as possible, it would be really illogical for them to release an album at the end of the year because it wouldn’t be eligible for any of the big awards next year (like GDA). So let’s start fresh in 2009 with SNSD. Thank you joe for telling us. Not only that but by that time Yoong will be more rested and ready to perform with her unnies & Seohyun again non-stop. This is what happens when you don’t give a group any break during their promotion period, they take a long hiatus to recharge. Hopefully we’ll see a new image and feel from them. And I’m really happy because this means they’ll have more time to prepare for their comeback kind of like when they had to prepare 2 years for ITNW. We can easily wait 2 more months for the new album, I mean we’ve lasted this long already ^^


SNSD’s new track off Yoonsang’s Song Book album.


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Goodluck SNSD!!!

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