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First it was prection. Then it was carendar. Now it’s knagin.

Papa Bear SM managed to screw up the Super Junior “Boys in the City” 2009 photobook/calendar again for the second time in a row due to simple overlooked typos. This time, he embarrassingly misspells Kangin’s name as “knagin”.

source: seoulbeats

>>Maybe, the printing press should had double checked the calendars. Many ELFs are buying it so they must have measures before finally printing them. It is also for the printing press’ reputation.

SS501 Says no toAward Shows. SS501 recently stated that they will decline attending any of the year end Award Shows, because they aren’t complete without all 5 members.

Currently, only three of the members of SS501 (Triple-S) are promoting “U R Man.” The others have better things to do. Park Jung Min doing his own music gigs and performances. While Kim Hyun Joong furthers his career and leaves the other boys behind with his acting in Boys over Flowers.

SS501 also said that we’re like captain planet and the planeteers. Without Heart and Fire, we cannot form captain planet. Therefore we’re not a complete SS501.

SS501 says that they will come back stronger than ever in March, they shall reunite and will be able to form captain planet once again!

source: allkpop

>>Awww..That was heart-warming.. I love seeing band bonds not because they need to but because that’s what they feel. To all bands that bonds, HWAITING!!

*that was a bit

A female counterpart of F.T. Island, Burning-L is to be launched in January 2009. Burning-L stand for Burning Lady. The Band is consists of 4 members. They are, Da Hyun (다현 20, Vocal), Sun Joo (선주 23, Guitar), Hyo Eun (효은 21, Drum) and Shi Woo (시우 21, Bass).

On the 12th, their company revealed, “Before their Korean debut, the female band will first take part in the Korean Cultural Delegation performance on the 18th by invitation of the Chinese Ministry Of Culture.”

I wonder what future they will hav ein the K-pop scene.

^DBSK performed Wrong Number. Still, stunning with their black suites. And Jae is wearing shades or sunglasses!! Maybe to cover his eye bags due to his filming. But, I want to see his sexy eyes especially with the eyeliner..those eyes kill me…lol Nevertheless, he’s hot with those glasses^^

video cr: mickytoho@yt

^Triple S performed Ur Man. I just listened to this song twice. And… it’s good but not really soothed my taste.. I like the chorus part though^^

^Big Bang performed Sunset Glow Remix. Honestly, when I first heard this song, I didn’t like it that much but now, with the remix ver. I totally loved it!! And T.O.P always stun me!!

video cr: jaeurazn1@yt

^Kim Jonghyun, the lead vocalist of Shinee performed solo singing Y Si Fuera Ella. I love his voice. This guy has the guts to go solo! But I prefer him to be a part of Shinee^^ Though solo performance every once in a while won’t hurt.

video cr: randy19972

source: spazzes

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