Anyway, by reading kroongho @LJ’s rough explanation regarding this article, and according to her, the sales results of the other artists(apart from DBSK) are only half of what they made for this year.

“A breakthrough record in market recovery?,”. After a long term slump of the Korea music market, this year’s sales of more than 100,000 was accomplished by 6 artists who manage to pull each a 100,000 album sales.

The Online Music Sales HANTEO Chart ( released its HANTEO 2008 Annual Ranking Sales Chart on the 21th of December 2008. Topping the chart with 1st ranking is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th Korean Album “咒文-MIROTIC”, with a total of 333,000 album sales.

2nd in line was Big Bang’s 3rd mini album “Stand Up” charting a total sale of 151,000. This was followed by four-year return Seo Tai Ji with his comeback album, “Atomos” with 138,000 album sales. Rain, with his two-year return also came out with his album “Rainism” which got him 4th place in the chart with 126,000 sales. The 5th rank was grabbed by Big Bang with their 2nd mini album “Remember” with total sales of 125,000 , which became the group’s 2nd top 10 album in the chart.

Followed by Big Bang is Brown Eyes at the 6th placing with their album “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objects” with 124,000 album sales. While for Kim Dong Ryul who have a fixed loyal fanbase, his latest album “Monologue” got him 105,000 album sales.

While artists from the 1st to 6th ranking got more than 100,000 album sales each, SG Wannabe, Epik High and MC Mong each got 98,000, 84,000 and 66,000 album sales respectively. With this year’s tremendous increase in Korean’s music market, it has been said as encouraging, but The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry also said that this year’s sales chart results can yet to determine the recovery of the music market due to its premature condition (T/N: It is too early to determine if the sales results of year 2008 will continue to increase in the future as the results is not consistent each year.)

“This year’s album sales of more than 100,000 was due to the comebacks of many large-scale singers. From a statistical point of view, the increase of album sales was also because of the loyal fans who dutifully purchase their album. We do not expect similar sales results for next year (2009), but if the music market can continue to create such records, we could use it to analyze to restore Korea’s phonography record market. “

HANTEO 2008 Annual Ranking Sales Chart

1st – DBSK/동방신기 – “咒文-MIROTIC”
2nd – Big Bang – “Stand Up”
3rd – Seo Tai Ji – “Atomos”
4th – Rain – “Rainism”
5th – Big Bang – “Remember”
6th – Brown Eyes – “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objects”
7th – Kim Dong Ryul – “Monologue”
8th – SG Wannabe – “My Friend”
9th – Epik High – “Pieces – Part One”
10th – MC Mong – “Circus”

[Thanks chunjess + fobbiyo @Soompi for correcting the chart list!]

The translator is not exactly sure of the other artists’ album name ._. so if there’s any error with the album name, do inform.

Might contain minor inaccuracies.

Source: Baidu
Source finder: sharingyoochun
Translated by: lollyribena@Xietinloveshero

>>I had been posting about 2008 charts and DBSK is always number 1 (except form MTV Thailand’s Chart w/c Big Bang got the top spot). This is phenomenal!!