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In Xinhua, Beijing, Dec. 26 recently, an article entitled “A scene on the eve of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s concert” was a hot post on a major Forum site, which was due to a large number of users having a word war.

The article said that on December 20, 2008, the Chinese volunteers from Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center in the Wuhan region launched a signature campaign against “Dong Bang Shin Ki” to protest against violence of beating pregnant women. They urged the public to actively participate in the activities of the boycott. Although the whole “Assault on pregnant women”’s authenticity has not been issued an official statement, but the spontaneous act managed to attract a lot of wait-and-see people and even passers-by to sign the banner in support to their boycott.

Earlier media reports recalled the incident as below:

Version A:
According to a media reporter, the incident took place in South Korea, where two female China fans were going to watch their concert, one of whom was pregnant. After that, Shim Changmin went into the ladies toilet (men’s toilet is not working), followed by the two female fans. Then, Changmin inexplicably hit the two Chinese fans which was seen by the camera. It was wide speculated that DBSK’s Shim Changmin was obsessed with game (T/N: I’m not rly sure about this, but it had something to do with game) and is suffering from depression. Is it a live performance of the version of the war game? Kim Jaejoong then came in the toilet and put an end to the assault.

The next day, the fans went to the airport with a package to throw on Changmin’s shoulder and gave him a scolding. This was followed by the exposure of videos of this scene in South Korea which rise to become a large-scale dispute.

The reason why this incident has not died down is because the majority of Cassiopeia(DBSK’s nickname fans) think that everything is at fault of the Chinese fans, from the images obtained from the video, they(Cassiopeians) twisted the truth and said that they hurt their idol (Changmin) and was guilty in the airport incident. Lunch was even organized in South Korea in behalf of the Chinese fans to apologize!

Version B:
Some Internet users also subsequently discovered another version, stating that when the incident happened, Shim Changmin did that in order to protect his team mates. (T/N: It is also mentioned that the fans clashed with him/DBSK before but I’m not very sure with this sentence..) and that the two females fans were not pregnant.

credit: sharingyoochun
Source: Sina
Translated by: lollyribena @Xietinloveshero

MBC’s entertainment news programs “Section TV” made quite a blooper on its Dec. 19 broadcast. When announcing Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album as 2008’s most frequently bought album, they accidentally used a fan photoshopped cover of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album.


The edited album cover is titled “Xiahrotic” and has Xiah Junsu’s face photoshopped over each Dong Bang Shin Ki member.

The article also discusses an even worse mistake Section TV made on its Dec. 19 broadcast which deals with Rain. Section TV announced that Rain had never gotten #1/Mutizen for his highly anticipated 5th album comeback, but that wasn’t true. Netizens posted on Section’s bulletin board that Rain had indeed gotten #1 for his song “Rainism” in November.

source: dbskkorean
credit: Newsen + twistedstars

video cr: myluvforDBSK@yt

>>This song is great. Great Melody. I also love the PV. Enjoy watching!

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