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Kim Hyun Joong has taken Lee Min Ho off competition and took home the popularity award at the 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards.

Kim Hyun Joong was awarded the the popularity award for the male artistes in the TV category. This award was decided by the votes of netizens, and both Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho who had act alongside each other in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ were nominated under the award.

Kim is the leader of idol group SS501 and is currently acting as one of the main characters to ongoing drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. This award had definitely acknowledged his success debuting as an actor.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA also won the popularity award for the female artistes under this category.

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Actor Lee Min Ho and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA were awarded the male and female newcomer awards during the 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards ceremony on 27th February at Seoul Olympic Hall.

Lee Min Ho was awarded based on his acting  as ‘Goo Joon Pyo‘ in ongoing drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ while YoonA is awarded based on her performance as ‘Sae Byeok’ in drama ‘You’re my destiny’.

Lee Min Ho, “This is my first time at an awards ceremony and it is so embarrassing that I tripped on the red carpet. I would like to thank all the staff and crew for ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I will work harder in the future.”

YoonA said at the awards, ” I would like to thank all the staff of ‘You’re my destiny’, my beloved dad who always encourages me, my fans, and also So Nyeo Shi Dae girls who must have a lot to say right now. I will continue to work hard, thank you.”

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Red Carpet @ PaekSang Arts Awards

Lee Min-Ho(BBF) & Yoona(SNSD) @ PaekSang Arts Awards

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TV Division
Daesang: Kim Hye Ja (KBS Mom’s Dead Upset)
Best Leading Actor: Kim Myung Min (MBC Beethoven Virus)
Best Leading Actress: Moon Geun Young (SBS Painter of the Wind)
Best New Actor: Lee Min Ho (KBS Boys Over Flowers)
Best New Actress: Yoona (You Are My Destiny)
Most Popular (Male): Kim Hyun Joong (KBS Boys Over Flowers)
Most Popular (Female): Yoona (KBS You Are My Destiny)
Best TV Personality (Male): Kim Byung Man (KBS Gag Concert)
Best TV Personalty (Female): Park Mi Sun (MBC Sunday Sunday Night)
Best Variety Show: KBS Gag Concert
Best Screenplay: SBS Scale of Providence: Yoo Hyun Mi
Best Producer: SBS On Air: Shin Woo Cheol
Best New Producer: SBS Star Lover’s: Boo Sung Cheol
Best Educational Show: SBS I Wish to Know That
Best TV Drama: KBS Mom’s Dead Upset
Best Achievement: Everyone’s favorite grampy, Lee Soon Jae

Film Division
Daesang: Public Enemy 1-1
Best Leading Actor: Joo Jin Mo (A Frozen Flower)
Best Leading Actress: Son Ye Jin (My Wife Got Married)
Best New Actor: So Ji Sub (Rough Cut)
Best New Actress: Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal)
Most Popular (Male): Joo Ji Hoon (Western Antique Bakery)
Most Popular (Female): Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal)
Best Director: Lee Yoon Ki (My Dear Enemy)
Best New Director: Kang Hyung Cheol (Speed Scandal)
Best Film: Vita! Love

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Who will secretly get married and it won’t seem weird at all? This kind of imagination is a temptation that all the single ladies can’t resist.

A movie company created a poll with the title ‘The Male Celeb I Wanna Secretly Marry Is?’ on the internet for the netizens to vote. Male celeb candidates like Lee Minho and Kim HyunJoong from the hit drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, actor So Jisub and TVXQ’s leader U-Know YunHo are on the list.

Pure Kim Hyunjoong, pretty boy Lee Minho who captured Korea women’s heart, handsome man So Jisub, and the very sexy U-Know Yunho are four very different kind of man and are different kind of pretty boy style that are most popular among netizens, causing women to fantasize secretly marrying them.

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Actress Goo Hye Sun got into a traffic accident on 27th February, and because her injuries are serious, filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ may not be able to continue.

Goo Hye Sun’s representative said, “She sustained from injuries around her lip region and had to undergoing sewing for her injuries. Hence it will be hard for filming to resume on 28th February since her injuries will be visible.”

Updates: It is confirmed that she will go back to filming on 1st March

Goo Hye Sun was heading Seoul on the morning of 27th February after filming in GyeongNam ChangWon on 26th February when the accident happened. Already, Goo Hye Sun had injuried her head while filming a scene at the swimming pool awhile back.

Initially it was planned that Goo Hye Sun will leave for filming again after she gets discharged from hospital on 28th February, but looking at how serious her injuries is, the filming will have to see how things go. This calls for emergency because the filming for episode 17-18 to be aired on 2nd and 3rd March are yet to be completed.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae has once again risen up to the #1 spot on KBS Music Bank K Chart on 27th February.

This makes them the winner with the longest running consecutive wins on the chart with 7 consecutive #1.

They first had won #1 on the chart with the title song ‘Gee’ from their first minialbum on 16th Janaury. They have also broken the record set by group Jewelry last year with the song ‘One More Time’ that also won 7 consecutive #1 on the chart. When receiving over their award, the girls were tearing with happiness.

All eyes will be set on the girls as to whether they will be able to get their 8th consecutive win on the chart next week, furthering acing the record that they have broken on the show. Especially when there is all the talk about the absence of any strong competitor at this time to the girls.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany hurt her ankle on 27th February but had went on to perform with a half cast on her leg on 28th February during MBS Music Core.

She had hurt her ankle the previous day at the Baek Sang Arts Awards Ceremony where she had tripped and hurt her ankle while getting off the stage after their performance.

For Music Core, she could only manage to perform a light choreography and sang along to the song during the performance. Tiffany is currently receiving treatment for the injury.

Fans and netizens have also praised Tiffany for her fighting spirit but also wished that she had rested and not perform if she is injured.

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**It seems that Kibum is missing T_T


Se7en is going back to Korea … this fall, this according to an interview with Yonhap news and YG Entertainment CEO / Former Seo Taiji member Yang Hyun Suk.

Before he returns to Korea, he’ll finish up his activities in America and Japan. Se7en plans to release his debut song “Girls” on iTunes on March 10th. Then two to three months down the line they’re planning to release a second single. Se7en will then go to Japan in the summer to have some activities in the Japanese market. Finally returning back to Korea in the Fall, after more than 2 years in America.

YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk said this in the interview:

This isn’t about album sales, more so about signaling Se7en’s debut into the American market. We don’t except our first single to enter the Billboard Charts or even receive a lot of sales, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t succeeded. We worked with famous musicians and producers such as Lil’ Kim and DarkChild, that in itself is half-success. I had meetings with some industry contacts in America, such as officials at Interscope Records. Through these meetings I was able to have Lil Kim’s participation. Another prominent US musician will be featured in Se7en’s second single.

We never anticipated Se7en’s debut to take such a long time with so many delays. During the process, he was working hard learning English and constantly recording music. At the same time, we were still researching the American market for Asian artists. It’s very difficult in America because there isn’t any Musical Ranking Type shows like back in Korea. Even TRL on MTV is gone now, so that makes it difficult. Constant Radio play and Music Videos are most crucial in America, and MTV won’t play just a random foreign singer with a different look, musical style, and someone who can’t speak English properly. To have Se7en’s MV play on TV and have his music play on local radio stations across the nation is the key.

Another key is to change the focus / perception from being recognized as solely Korean / Asian to simply Artist. A person who has succeeded in this is actress Kim Yun-Jin. She’s recognized as her character on Lost and not solely as an Asian.

I said to Se7en that although he is a star back in Korea, he’s a relative nobody over here. Pouring money into it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed. You must work hard and make music that fits the taste of the American market. You must also have fluent English and present yourself in a way that’ll attract an audience. Although money doesn’t guarantee success, it does help. We need to receive capital and have deals in place with major record agencies. We would need them to help shoulder the marketing and promotional costs.

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Under the Commission of Youth Protection, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ has been labelled harmful for teenagers with the reason that the song ‘Strong Baby’ in the album contains inappropriate/suggestive lyrics.

From 6th March, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ will have the sticker ‘No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19′ labelled on the CD.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We did not arrange for a new recording for a clean version of the supposed problematic song ‘Strong Baby’. We will just have to sell the CD with the sticker label on.”

As to whether this order will affect SeungRi’s solo activity, “This coming 1st March will be his last performance, hence we see that there shouldn’t be any hindrance to his solo activities.”

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