The video of group 8ight, the winner on “MBC Showvival”, sang Super Junior’s “Sorry sorry” was released to the public.

8ight’s Baek ChanEun wrote on her minihompy on March 18th “Tomorrow we will come to Sukira so we’re practicing singing Sorry Sorry” and also uploaded the video of the group practicing the song.

Recently, 8ight’ve come back with the song “Without a heart” and received a lot of support from SJ fans. Last week MBC Music core (March 14th), Super Junior fans had cheered passionately for 8ight.

Baek ChanEun said “I want to thank all Super Junior fans because of cheering for 8ight’s comeback performance. Thanks to their shaking the blue balloon, we could finish our recording” and “This time we’ll be guests of Leeteuk & Eunhyuk’s Sukira and please look forward to Sorry Sorry 8ight version”

Besides, netizens are creating “Without a heart” music video with Sohee and Heechul, Leeteuk, Donghae as well as the other members

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