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May is a period where there are a lot of university festivals held in Korea. Thus, (the largest music site in Korea) held a poll on May 21st to know list of artists whom the students most want to be invited at their festivals.

The Most Wanted Artists To Be Invited to University Festival


“even if they’re only sitting still, SoShi will be still a big show!”


“TVXQ has been active in international activities. Currently TVXQ is advancing a live tour in Japan until early in July and it’s expected that the tour will be sold out.”

3. Super Junior

Occupied by a group of 13 members. Super Junior’s songs “Sorry, Sorry” and “It’s You” also gained good responses in bugs site as it’s placed at 5th on charts.

SM Entertainment’s groups are sweeping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, showing its scary power in music industry.

4. Big Bang

Big Bang whose rating rose in a short time. Netizens said, “It’s an opportunity for Big Bang. Recently they’re popular as a group and not idol.”

5. Kim Hyeon-joong SS501

6. Wonder Girls

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This i actually a philippine fangirlgroup who loves SuJu..and trying to spread suju’s love through forming a group.
A Philippine fangirl group compose of 11 members is in NEED of two new members who are an avid fan of Super Junior’s Shindong and Ryeowook. This group has been active since April of this year and in order for the group to be official, it needs to have 13 official members.. Each member of this group has a particular fave member of the group Super Junior. If you are an avid fan of Shindong, and Ryeowook you can be part of this group. And the only  qualification is that you should be a Filipina..

If you have any questions, just drop a comment, PM or contact Myca – 09204060116 or 09095761084, and YM:

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man, this man is really something!!!
I love his beat boxing!!!

that’s all guys.. just want to share..

Sandara Park talks about not having being able to continue on her entertainer career in the Philippines as “no regrets”.

She said in a recent interview, “I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, but I took the bold step and went on as YG trainee. But I have no regrets about not being able to continue my entertainer career in the Philippines.”

“Of course, training as a YG trainee, I have no guarantee for debut. I have no guarantee for success, but because I have dreams to be a Korean entertainer, I worked hard on it.”

Dara has been a reporter, actress and singer in the Philippines. She began to gain interests from Koreans after KBS introduced her in one of the programmes. When she went to Korea for a visit, she was given a basic test from YG Entertainment and then joined as a trainee a month later.

She went over to live in Korea and trained for 3 years before debuting as 2NE1.

After first about joining 2NE1, YG was a little doubtful about it. Because it seems that she has yet to get the hip hop ‘feel’. But Dara worked hart to show satisfaction. She kept listening to hip hop music and dance to hip hop dance.

About the photoshoot that became the topic amongst netizens lately taken in the Philippines, Dara explained about it. The idea of the photoshoot was suggested by one of the seonbae. But the photoshoot concept turned out to be different from what she thought.

Plus back then the atmosphere to the photoshoot was serious, she thought she could not run away from it. And with that she did a ’sexy’ photoshoot.

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Actor Kim Bum has decided to drop out of the movie 71 that he had previously been cast in with Big Bang’s Seung Ri and fellow actor Yoo Seung Ho.

The movie 71 tells the story about 71 South Korean student soldiers who fight against several hundred North Korean soldiers in the war on August 10th, 1950. The South Korean soldiers are led by their three commanders, Yun Chi Wook (Seungri), Park Han Seob (Kim Bum), and Eugene/Yoo Jin (Yoo SeungHo).

It has been revealed that due to the tight scheduling of his other movie, Emergency and his drama Dream, it wasn’t feasible to be working on 71 also. It must be hard to be the “It” boy, although I wonder how this will affect the movie’s production now that one of its top actors is out.

Kim Bum of the drama Boys Over Flowers

credits to: AKP

credits to: AKP

Who is the coolest lady killer? A week-long online poll launched by CRIonline Showbiz has the answer. South Korean star Lee Minho came atop the list, beating down ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson, Chinese pop singer Han Geng and a member from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit , Wu Chun .

Lee Minho

Impression: Handsome boy featuring curly hair, very clean look and slim and muscular body.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ star Lee Minho became famous overnight. He was one of the most popular Korean stars in the first half of the year.

“Boys Over Flowers” is a 25-episode South Korean television drama in 2009. This is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’, also an equivalent of Taiwan drama ‘Meteor Garden’ and Japan’s ‘Hana Yori Dango’ (TV series).

Han Geng

Han Geng (born on February 9, 1984), better known in Korea as Hankyung, is a Chinese pop singer and actor.

He is the only Chinese member of the large boy band Super Junior and the leader of its subgroup Super Junior-M.

As a member of a Korean music group, he has been an important contributor to the Korean wave in China.

Wu Chun

Wu Chun, is a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor.

He is the only non-Taiwanese member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwan idol dramas ‘Romantic Princess’, ‘Hanazakarino Kimitachihe’, ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Tokyo Juliet’.


Korea’s chicken franchise Kyochon F&B Company and HanRyu star Super Junior have signed modeling contract.

This time, the 12 Super Junior members who have signed the contract will model in all sorts of Kyochon advertisements and CFs in the future, as well as taking on the roles of being Kyochon’s ambassadors.

In the past, Kyochon F&B had had world stars Rain, Shinhwa, Lee Junghyun and more as models, being the first in the chicken industry to only use big stars as models.

Kyochon F&B’s person-in-charge reveals the reason being “Not only in Korea, but in China and overseas, Super Junior has gain popularity with a premium image of HanRyu stars. This fits the high profile image of Kyochon, who leads the chicken industry in Korea. Also, being HanRyu stars, they will be able to help greatly in promoting Kyochon internationally”.

Thus, for the CF that will be broadcasted in July, Super Junior will start filming the CF and photoshoot next month.

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