2NE1 is looking to spice things up as they break into the music scene. And instead of merely conforming to the innocent and pretty image, they are bringing on a chic and edgy style. “Lollipop” was (and still is) a big hit, but that was for commercial purposes only and was not their official debut song. There has been a lot of speculation whether 2NE1 would be able to hold themselves up without the help of big brother-Big Bang.

After some anxiety over 2NE1’s inevitable debut, YG Entertainment announced their strategy for launching the new girl group.

1. The song ‘FIRE’ will be released on 2NE1’s official homepage from 1st May. Only a 20 second teaser will be posted up at first. But with each day, 10 seconds of the song will be added. And on the day before the actual release, on May 5th, a (longer) 1 minute long version can be heard.  And on May 6th itself, the MV and the full song will be revealed on online music sites.
2. The full song of ‘Fire’ will be revealed together with 2 versions of the music video (MV). There will be 2 versions of the MV filmed on the same set, but with no duplicated scenes.
3.  2NE1’s promotional activities will begin on broadcast programs with their debut stage on May17th on SBS Inkigayo.

1TYM’s Teddy, who has brought us “hits” like Tae-yang’s “Only Look at Me” and Uhm Jung-hwan’s “D.I.S.C.O,” has not only written and composed “Fire,” but he is responsible for producing the music videos and 2NE1’s overall style. The song “Fire” will be a “fast hip hop number with a reggae form,” drawing from elements of exotic percussion.

So the promotion is already underway. YG Entertainment has just released the first 20 seconds of the song on the website and with big ol’ ticker counting down the time until their official comeback. So far, it’s nothing much, but the dynamic synth sound and back bass sounds like your typical Big Bang song.

Check it out:


credits: popseoul.com 











BOM (Park Bom) – Main Vocal20090503_21bom_profile_pic_thumb


CL – Leader, Rapper, Vocal


DARA (Sandara Park) – Vocal


MINZI (Gong Min Ji) – Rapper, Vocal

20090501_minzi_3_thumb credits to ALLKPOP.COM


woah, i’m looking forward to it..


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