Who’s the “male artist who is more beautiful than real woman”?

a question appeared in UCC web had been gaining a lot of attention.

At UCC, starts at 5th is introduced male artist who has a beautiful image.

The 5th place, beautiful eyes and white complexion skin, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Hero Jaejoong. Next at 4th is FT Island member Lee Hong Gi who got smiley eyes. Comes from a famous movie “Kind and The Clown”, at 3rd place, Lee Jun Ki. While runner up is taken by Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul. The most waited first place, a male artist with “Beautiful Boy” charisma whom everyone cheer for, Kim Hye Sung.

A lot of comments were posted at the web, such as “They’re really even more beautiful compared to women! I’m so jealous!” “Compared to my girlfriend, they’re still prettier.” “Among guys, this is one of the charisma as well.”

credit: onlysj13.com + MR. TVXQ
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress