On June 16th, veteran singer and composer Yoo Young Suk hosted a stage at Seoul’s Hongdae Live Hall to promote the upcoming release of his 20th anniversary celebration album. The SuJu-maknae with the powerful vocals, Kyuhyun, performed his cover of Yoo Young Suk’s “7 Years’ Love” at the event.

Kyuhyun’s cover is slated for release as a digital single later this month, while the 20th anniversary album will be sold purely for charity, with all proceeds going to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). In the on-stage interview after the performance, Yoo Young Suk wowed at Kyuhyun’s vocals, saying that “Now you can even rely on yourself (aka become independent).” ELFs everywhere held their breath – without Kyuhyun, who would back up all of the weaker SuJu vocals during their choruses? But don’t fret, Kyuhyun fans; he won’t be pulling a Kibum soon, as he simply laughed and replied, “No. I’m not capable of doing that.”
credits to:AKPand kyunerdful@yt