Good things come to those who wait and I’m guessing a lot of people will be waiting for this week’s M! Countdown

This is definitely a year week for girl bands. Female group Jewelry is coming back after a year long break. They plan to show a powerful live stage and one that’s more mature as each individual member was able to grow through their individual activities through the year. Seems kinda random but if it’s anything like One More Time, then I’m ready to see it one more time.


Yep, it’s finally here! If you’ve been following 2NE1 or 4minute, then you’ll know that they’ll BOTH be making their first appearance on the show. 2NE1 will appear for the first time on M! Countdown and 4minute just appears for the first time EVER. This of course is causing comparisons between the two newbie groups. After all, both had a huge following before they even debuted (case in point, 4minute actually still hasn’t debuted), both have colorful wardrobes (or stylists who hate them), and both have been said to have similar music styles. All this boils down to one thing…a nice, friendly competitionSHOWDOWN known as M! Countdown. Dance-off, Face-off, Show-off, whatever you wanna call it. And of course it helps that they’re both performing on the same day. So what do you think will happen? Will 2NE1’s Fire die out? Will 4minute’s debut be just a 4 minute memory? And let the countdown begin..


Other performers scheduled for the 18th June episode of M! Countdown include Lee Jung Hyun, Chae Yeon, Lee Seung Chul, MC the Max, Outsider, 2PM. And as reported earlier, Lady Gaga will also be present on the show as well to make it even more worth watching despite the obviously lousy sound equipment that MNET has.

credite: sweetitude @ AKP


M! Net sure will be fun to watch.. to bad i can’t watch it and just will wait until some upload it.. wah!!!