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Group Big Bang member DaeSung have to give up with performing with Big Bang for their 1st broadcast performance on NHK for the filming of Family Outing.

Big Bang did the recording of their first debut performance into the Japanese major market on NHK ‘Music Japan’ on 1st June. But DaeSung was not present at the recording, because he was participating in the filming of variety show Family Outing. So Big Bang had performed as 4 members.

The reason was that DaeSung wanted to keep to his loyalty on Family Outing. Already, it has been said 2 months back that it will be hard for DaeSung to be on Family Outing because of their performance on 1st June.

This will be the last time for DaeSung to film with fellow Family members Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee as they will be leaving the team. This is a hard decision for DaeSung but looking at the situation, it seems that he can still perform in the future for Big Bang’s Japan stage but this will be the last time for FO with Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee.

Big Bang will be focusing on their Japanese activities for 2 months from June. DaeSung’s representative said, “As much as the Japanese activities are important, there are plans for DaeSung to travel between Korea and Japan so that he continues with Family Outing.”

May is a period where there are a lot of university festivals held in Korea. Thus, (the largest music site in Korea) held a poll on May 21st to know list of artists whom the students most want to be invited at their festivals.

The Most Wanted Artists To Be Invited to University Festival


“even if they’re only sitting still, SoShi will be still a big show!”


“TVXQ has been active in international activities. Currently TVXQ is advancing a live tour in Japan until early in July and it’s expected that the tour will be sold out.”

3. Super Junior

Occupied by a group of 13 members. Super Junior’s songs “Sorry, Sorry” and “It’s You” also gained good responses in bugs site as it’s placed at 5th on charts.

SM Entertainment’s groups are sweeping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, showing its scary power in music industry.

4. Big Bang

Big Bang whose rating rose in a short time. Netizens said, “It’s an opportunity for Big Bang. Recently they’re popular as a group and not idol.”

5. Kim Hyeon-joong SS501

6. Wonder Girls

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It is set that Big Bang will release their new Japanese single on 13th, and will hope a press conference on 13th in Japan Tokyo.

Currently, all the Big Bang members are heading to Japan to prepare for their promtional activities to start. This is the first album they will release after signing with Universal music.

The songs in the single will be mainly sang in English, but there will also be songs sang in Japanese in it. The album will be revealed together with the press conference.

YG Entertainment also added that they will be much more active in Japan as compared to last year.

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YG Entertainment announced, “From the 11th, in line with ‘Family’s Month of May’, Big Bang’s stage costumes and clothes will be sold for charity. They will be sold through internet live charity sale (Ssaeng Ssaeng Live) on 14th May.”

“All the proceeds of this 2nd charity project, together with the ‘WITH’ project, will go to teenagers in need.”

Fashionista Big Bang has also all this while influenced much of the fashion trend of young Koreans with their sense of fashion and music. Because they want to put their performing clothes to better use, they have refused several other proposals before this.

40 sets from when they were performin ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ will be sold from 11th to 24th May. Each set of clothes will have Big Bang’s autograph on it.

Big Bang, “We are very happy and excited that our clothes can be used for such a good cause. Since this is for the benefits of everyone, we hope many people will participate in this charity sales.”

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Big Bang has a new CF and this time with the female Big Bang which will be called “21” and will be debuting soon..

The girls group is composed of Sandara Park, CL, Park Bom and Kong Min Ji..

The song is composed by G- Dragon.. The track “lollipop” will be their debut track ( I think).. and features Big Bang in the actual song..

here the full track of Lollipop:

this is the CF.. LG Cyon feature 21 and Big Bang and their track lollipop..



the song is really nice but i don’t know.. I don’t feel it and it is sang more by Big Bang member than 21, its like a collab and not debut song.. but I hope it will be success.. I will be waiting for the MV and the debut too..


TOP of Big Bang left for Japan on the morning of March 19th to film drama, IRIS.

According to his management company, he departed to Akita-hyun, Japan to film IRIS with Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee and Jung Joon Ho.  CEO of YG entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk accompanied TOP.

TOP appears as a killer who needs to kill Lee Byung Hun (a member of National Security Service) in IRIS.

Main characters Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee arrived earlier on 10th for the crank-in, Jung Joon Ho joined on 16th, and TOP joined on today (19th), and Kim Seung woo will join on 23rd to film a breath-taking action scene and romance on beautiful winter background.

The accompaniment of Yang Hyun Suk proved the high interest on this drama.  IRIS, costing over 20000000000 won (20000000 dollars) is stirring up high attention for having several hallyu celebrities and overseas filming.  If this drama goes well, it is predicted that the casted members will be the next forerunners of Hallyu.

The filming scene is already crowded with fans and tourists.

IRIS will air 20 episodes, dealing with the actions, betrayals and romance of the spies, in late 2009.

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Big Bang has been spotted by the public while taking a summer vacation in the side of Han River.

Big Bang did a photoshoot on March 16th for Italian sport brand, FILA’s summer collection.

The five members of Big Bang has been busy with individual schedules after their last concert on February 1st. The concepts for this photoshoot were ‘brightness’ and ‘healthiness’; they were perfect for the images, and were stylish to prove their status as ’style icons’.

It was hard for the photoshoot on 16th due to the sand wind and cold weather. Big Bang members were in short sleeves and shorts; despite the bad weather, they were professional. While the yacht on the river was shaking vigorously due to the strong wind, they were still able to jump and dance for the photos.

This campaign will be on around May through videos, papers and stores after their spring collection.

Big Bang will carry out individual schedules as solo artists, in variety shows and acting, and is scheduled to release a next album.

photo provided by FILA Korea.
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