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I decided to take a breather first on K-pop Blogging. I am feeling that I am neglecting my responsibilities to other blog and forums. I’ll be back in a week! To the frequent goers, be back when I’ll be back^^

Thanks for understanding. 😀

I’m not sure if I can update tomorrow. I’ll be home late. It will be my Seniors’ Night. So there, I’ll update if I can. ^^


Please visit:

This petition will end on May 6, 2009. Please spread this petition around to other SMTown-related sites. Just take the picture I’ve provided and link it back to this site if putting on another blog, forum, etc. I will also post this on as many sites as I can but your help is always welcome and needed. Thank you. In coordinance with this petition, we are also doing a survey on SMTown English-speaking fan locations. Please take a second of your time to vote once on this poll to provide us with more statistical proof as to the number and locations of SMTown English-speaking fans. Also, please refrain from signing the petition or voting in the poll more than once. We want to have accurate statistics to give to SM to make them see that this is the right step toward international popularity for SMTown artists. Thank you so much to everyone participating. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best. Hwaiting!



I have not updated yesterday and will not update today. Sorry for our daily visitors. I’m away from home yesterday to attend the ABS sports fest and I am too tired to find Kpop News. I’ll make sure to update tomorrow. I’ll be sleeping in a short while.

Happy Hearts Day to everyone!


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