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Who is the coolest lady killer? A week-long online poll launched by CRIonline Showbiz has the answer. South Korean star Lee Minho came atop the list, beating down ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson, Chinese pop singer Han Geng and a member from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit , Wu Chun .

Lee Minho

Impression: Handsome boy featuring curly hair, very clean look and slim and muscular body.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ star Lee Minho became famous overnight. He was one of the most popular Korean stars in the first half of the year.

“Boys Over Flowers” is a 25-episode South Korean television drama in 2009. This is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’, also an equivalent of Taiwan drama ‘Meteor Garden’ and Japan’s ‘Hana Yori Dango’ (TV series).

Han Geng

Han Geng (born on February 9, 1984), better known in Korea as Hankyung, is a Chinese pop singer and actor.

He is the only Chinese member of the large boy band Super Junior and the leader of its subgroup Super Junior-M.

As a member of a Korean music group, he has been an important contributor to the Korean wave in China.

Wu Chun

Wu Chun, is a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor.

He is the only non-Taiwanese member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwan idol dramas ‘Romantic Princess’, ‘Hanazakarino Kimitachihe’, ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Tokyo Juliet’.


Who’s the “male artist who is more beautiful than real woman”?

a question appeared in UCC web had been gaining a lot of attention.

At UCC, starts at 5th is introduced male artist who has a beautiful image.

The 5th place, beautiful eyes and white complexion skin, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Hero Jaejoong. Next at 4th is FT Island member Lee Hong Gi who got smiley eyes. Comes from a famous movie “Kind and The Clown”, at 3rd place, Lee Jun Ki. While runner up is taken by Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul. The most waited first place, a male artist with “Beautiful Boy” charisma whom everyone cheer for, Kim Hye Sung.

A lot of comments were posted at the web, such as “They’re really even more beautiful compared to women! I’m so jealous!” “Compared to my girlfriend, they’re still prettier.” “Among guys, this is one of the charisma as well.”

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Korean superstars Lee Min-Ho (Jun Pyo), Kim Hyun-Joong (Ji Hoo), Kim Bum (So Yi Jeong) and Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin), or popularly called “F4,” will visit the country, “The Buzz” host Kris Aquino announced Sunday.

There is no date yet as to when the stars will arrive in the Philippines but Aquino said it is going to be “soon.”

Based on the best-selling Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango” by Yoko Kamio, the romantic story was first adapted in Taiwan as the phenomenal hit drama “Meteor Garden,” which aired on ABS-CBN in 2003. It starred Asia’s sensational boyband F4.

“Meteor Garden” remains to be one of the most successful Asianovelas aired on Philippine television, with an average rating of 42.9 percent in mega Manila and a nationwide average rating of 62 percent.

South Korea’s “Boys Over Flowers,” meanwhile, garnered an average rating of 30 percent. The show had a great impact on Korean pop culture as sales of men’s cosmetics and fashion items skyrocketed and the female lead’s hairstyle ruled the fashion world.

The Korean remake of “F4″ also launched the careers of the four Asian superstars.

Aquino said the producers of the Korean show were grateful that, like Meteor Garden, it also became a hit in the Philippines.

Starting Monday, “Boys Over Flowers” will be aired at 6 p.m. before “TV Patrol World.” It takes over the timeslot of “Pinoy Bingo Night,” which will now be aired after “Tayong Dalawa.”

Source: ABS-CBN News

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The video of group 8ight, the winner on “MBC Showvival”, sang Super Junior’s “Sorry sorry” was released to the public.

8ight’s Baek ChanEun wrote on her minihompy on March 18th “Tomorrow we will come to Sukira so we’re practicing singing Sorry Sorry” and also uploaded the video of the group practicing the song.

Recently, 8ight’ve come back with the song “Without a heart” and received a lot of support from SJ fans. Last week MBC Music core (March 14th), Super Junior fans had cheered passionately for 8ight.

Baek ChanEun said “I want to thank all Super Junior fans because of cheering for 8ight’s comeback performance. Thanks to their shaking the blue balloon, we could finish our recording” and “This time we’ll be guests of Leeteuk & Eunhyuk’s Sukira and please look forward to Sorry Sorry 8ight version”

Besides, netizens are creating “Without a heart” music video with Sohee and Heechul, Leeteuk, Donghae as well as the other members

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A Friend’s Confession

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Track List:
01. 친구의 고백 A Friend’s Confession Composed by JYP
02. Lost Composed by: JYP
03. 일단 돌아서지만 Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before Composed by Hong Ji Sang
04. 친구의 고백 A Friend’s Confession (Instrumental)
05. Lost (Instrumental)
06. 일단 돌아서지만 Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before (Instrumental)

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Newly debuted singer TaeGoon is interviewed on a magazine (parts that are not about Jaejoong have been taken out of the translation)

Q: Jaejoong’s appearance in [Call Me] has been a hot topic recently. Everyone knows that you and Jaejoong had been friends since a very young age. Then, what was the reason for that Jaejoong agreed to make his appearance in the MV?
I called Jaejoong and told him that “I’m going to debut soon, I wish that you’d be able to appear in my MV.” Unexpectedly, Jaejoong said “Sure, I’ll talk it over with my company” and hung up. After a few hours, he called me back and told me that he would be in the MV. Afterward I found out that it took him a lot of work to convince his company to let him make his appearance. I’m very thankful for him. After debut, Jaejoong and I still talk on the phone and he gave me many tips regarding performing on stage.

Q: What kind of friend is Jaejoong like?
A lot of people are like this, even though they are very close friends, they fight easily–Jaejoong and I are exactly like that (laughs). When we were filming the MV, we are always joking around with each other. We don’t see each other as “celebrities,” if we did, it would be very hard to be true friends.

Q: In the MV, Park Shin Hye played the role of a bad woman, what would you do if this kind of situation happened in real life?
In the MV, Jaejoong hyung stole Shin Hye from me (sighs), Jaejoong’s handsomeness is to blame! (laughs). I think that making a girlfriend be a normal friend is a very hard thing to do, I would never be the first to say that I don’t like her or anything like that, but if someone that handsome steals my girlfriend, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to say anything (laughs)!

source: tvxqfever
credit: withjaejoong + icy@onetvxq


IS: The Baeksang Arts Awards fall (referring to Min-ho tripping on the Red Carpet) was a hot topic.

LMH: Yeah what a silly mistake and I was embarrassed. But my fans did cheer me on and I could see the love of the fans.

IS: What is your motto in life?

LMH: Not to give up on my goals. Victory is not as important as possessing a fighting spirit. My motto is to not give up even if I fail. I think to have that attitude is just beautiful.

IS: Was there a crisis in your life that you had to use that motto?

LMH: There was this traffic accident in 2006. I had to stay in the hospital for 6 months. At first I was frustrated and I couldn’t even walk. But I am glad I overcame that.

IS: How do you relieve stress?

LMH: Just sleep. Sleep until the stress disappears. I have slept for 24 hours previously. (Ha ha ha…Orchid likes this! I could sleep all day too!)

IS: When and where was your first kiss?

LMH: It was when I was a freshman in high school. I kissed my girlfriend, standing right in front of her house.

IS: What do you think most women want as a gift?

LMH: If I had a girlfriend, that would be good. Women want you to be their best friend. That’s the best gift of all.

IS: When was the last time you dated and had a girlfriend?

LMH: When I was 20. I haven’t had a girlfriend since University.

IS: If you would have a lover, what term of endearment would you use to call her?

LMH: It depends on the style of the woman (literal translation. But i guess he means the term of endearment he will use depends on what kind of woman she is. There is no fixed term for all.)

IS: What if your parents were against your marriage — like in the character Gu Jun-pyo?

LMH: We will run away and elope.

IS: Which actress would you like to work with in future?

LMH: Song Hye-kyo sunbae. She is elegant and classy and has loads of charisma and possesses excellent acting skills. Should I get a chance to work with her, I would be able to learn a lot and no doubt be very nervous. (Ahem…sounds like he has a crush on Song Hye-kyo.)

IS: Person whom you most want to meet?

LMH: I want to meet Hollywood actor Edward Norton. He has a laid back, comfortable charisma that is so impressive. When I meet him, I will ask “Will you teach me how?” But I must brush up on my English first.

IS: Who is your favourite sports star?

LMH: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. It was my dream in elementary school to become a professional soccer player. If I continued to play football, I hope to be a player like Cristiano Ronaldo now.

IS: What’s your favourite food and what dish do you cook well?

LMH: I like meat. Recipe? Just roast it. I have a secret roasting process. Beef, pork or chicken, I use the same recipe.

IS: What is your #18 karaoke song? (The song you sing all the time at karaokes)

LMH: Toy’s 내가 잠시 너의 곁에 살았다는 걸

IS: What do you always carry in your bag?

LMH: Cologne / Perfume. I always like to smell nice.

IS: What is your favourite drink?

LMH: I usually don’t drink alcohol. Three cups of soju is my limit. I like hard liquor.

IS: Do you have a jinx or habit?

LMH: Whenever I’m in a drama or movie, I injure myself. I have to be extra careful.

IS: What three things would you bring to a desert island?

LMH: A bed, lighter and my mobile phone. Having a nice bed to sleep on would be good (yes! i agree with this!!). On a deserted island, your food should be cooked – hence the lighter. I could cook fish. I would be so bored on a deserted island that I would play with all the games I downloaded to my mobile phone.

IS: What do you envy of your F4 members?

LMH: Kim Bum’s small face, Kim Joon’s big eyes, Kim Hyun-joong’s fair complexion. As for the whole package, I am actually the best. (ha ha ha)

Source: ISplus

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Super Junior’s Yesung confessed recently on KBS Cool Fm Kiss the Radio that he likes Park Bo Young as a possible love interest, not just as a celebrity.

Members that appeared with him jokingly asked, “Didn’t you like Moon Geun Young?” and Yesung replied, “I only like Moon Geun Young as a fan, while my interest in Park Bo Young is personal.” His honest answer drew cheers from his members and other members followed up with their own confessions. Donghae exclaimed “I want to be on the first page of the newspaper with news of a wedding! I want to hurry up and have a happy family life with someone like Kim Ha Neul. For marriage, I think 31, or 32 is a good age.

article by jeenybeeny@allkpop


In his interview with ISplus (reporter Lee Dong Hyun) published on March 16, Kim Beom reveals that work is more important than dating for now.

ISplus (IS): You seem like you would be a playboy like Boys Over Flowers‘ So Yi Jeong.

Kim Beom (KB): Thank you for the compliment, but we’re actually quite different. Due to my extreme shyness, I can’t get along with people that easily, let alone have the skill to seduce women. Although, I do have some characteristics similar to So Yi Jeong such as being cool-headed, not showing my inner feelings easily, etc. Come to think of it, when I was young, many girls my age used to follow me around a lot. (Laughs.)

IS: Have you ever had a girlfriend?

KB: Up til now, I have never had a girlfriend. I’ve always been very preoccupied with something, so it seems that my mind hasn’t been free to have a girlfriend. I don’t think I’ll that freedom for some time to come.

IS: Are you sure you aren’t like So Yi Jeong who is a playboy, but has blocked off his heart from women with an emotional wall?

KB: Come to think of it, that could be true too. However, Yi Jung developed that attitude due to his playboy father. I am like this because I am devoted to work, which thus far has more value and importance than a girlfriend. Still, I have a lot of female friends such as Boys Over Flowers‘ (Ga Eul) Kim So Eun, Park Shin Hye, and Go Ara, etc. that I get along well with. (KP’s note: All three actresses are his classmates in Chung-Ang University’s Theatre & Film program.)

IS: If you get a girlfriend, what kind of present would you most want?

KB: I’d like to receive a meal (lunch box) made directly by her. With a busy filming schedule, I skip meals often. At such times, if I could eat a homemade meal by my girlfriend, I think it would spring forth energy (strength) that wasn’t there.

IS: Who is number 1 on your cellular phone speed dial?

KB: The agency representative and hyung that I trust and depend on the most. There are many things to discuss (consult) with him, so I put him as speed dial number 1 in order to speak on the phone with him often. Even if I do get a girlfriend, I don’t think I will change my speed dial number 1.

IS: What will you do if your parents oppose your marriage like Boys Over Flowers’ Gu Jun Pyo?

KB: If I love [that person] to the point of wanting to get married but can’t due to the opposition of those around me, I would regret it forever. I would [try to] persuade them again and again until they give me permission. I have lived with such integrity that my parents have remarkable faith in me. They will accept my wish.

IS: What is your life motto?

KB: “You may lose once, but don’t lose again.” As you live life, you can encounter failures and you can make mistakes. I don’t want to suffer the same setback by making the same mistake again. [The motto means that] although a person cannot be perfect, one should try his or her best in order to get closer to perfection.

IS: When was the greatest crisis [you’ve faced] in life so far?

KB: I don’t consider a crisis you cannot overcome as a crisis. Although I’ve had trivial cases that were difficult, I’ve overcome them. I don’t think that I’ve experienced any extraordinary crisis.

IS: If you became a chaebol (plutocrat) like in Boys Over Flowers, what would you most want to do?

KB: I don’t want to become a chaebol. I want to always have dreams and put in intense effort in order to achieve those dreams. I think if I become a chaebol, I might become indolent (lazy) and lose sight of my dreams.

IS: Which websites do you have bookmarked?

KB: Portal sites such as Daum and Naver. I can come by a variety of information such as news in a short amounth of time.

IS: Do you read internet comments [regarding yourself] and take them seriously? Is there a negative comment that remains on your mind?

KB: There was a time at the beginning of my debut when I agonized over negative comments that I don’t even want to recall now. After that, I made up my mind not to pay attention to negative internet comments. I usually don’t read those kinds of comments, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot.

IS: Have you ever left a comment (reply) on the Internet?

KB: There hasn’t a single time when I have added a reply.

IS: What are some objects that you always carry around in your bag?

KB: My cellphone and wallet. I only put things that I absolutely need in my bag.

IS: How do you manage your income and how much allowance do you (get and) spend?

KB: I manage my own income so there’s no separate allowance. Truthfully, lately I haven’t even had time to spend money.

IS: Do you have any superstitions or customs?

KB: I can’t sleep before the first day of filming. I go to set after staying up all night. But I act better because my mind has become clearer. From a certain point in time, I decided not to sleep. However, there is the disadvantage of my physical condition being worse.

IS: What method do you use to relieve extreme stress?

KB: I meet up with cheerful people. Although I’m on the quiet side, I find that stress is relieved as I laugh when absorbed in pleasant conversations with pleasant people.

IS: Do you have any sleeping habits?

KB: I wouldn’t k now my own sleeping habits. People who have slept with me on vacation haven’t said anything in particular about it.

IS: Which athlete do you like the most?

KB: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays the kind of soccer that I dreamt about when I was a soccer player in middle school.

IS: Which three objects would you take with you if you had to be stuck on a deserted island?

KB: A (handheld) video game console, a DVD player, and also a cellphone. If I watched movies on the DVD player and play video games in between, I think it would be enjoyable even on a deserted island. I would need the cellular phone to request aid (a rescue) when I get bored. Does a cellphone work on a deserted island, you ask? I saw a commercial awhile ago where jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) was even ordered for delivery using a cellphone.

IS: If you were given a perfectly [schedule-]free day, what would you want to do?

KB: No matter how leisurely the one day is, wouldn’t the next day be busy? In order to prepare (for the following day), it probably won’t be completely free. I would want to just go somewhere nearby and get some fresh air and cool my head (mind) for a bit.

Source: ISPlus
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