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Not for a holiday, mind you. Rain a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon will be testifying in a civil trial against him in the US District Court.

The 27-year-old and his producers are being sued for the abrupt cancellation of his June 2007 concert in Honolulu.


Hawaii-based Click Entertainment Inc. alleges in the suit that Rain and his producers defrauded it of more than US$500,00 paid in licensing fees. It is also seeking additional compensation for the cost of staging the event including rental of Aloha Stadium, stage production, travel, hotel accommodations, merchandising and advertising.

Rain will be arriving in Honolulu on March 15 at about 8.40am. He will be on Korean Air flight #KE-051.

Hawaiian Clouds (Rain’s fans) are all set to give the South Korean superstar a warm welcome at the airport, as well as show their support for him when he appears for court the following day.

Sources: K-popped! reader Gerrie Nakamura & The Korea Times


The civil trial against South Korean pop star and actor Rain is scheduled to begin Tuesday in U.S. District Court, The Associated Press reported.

Rain whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon and his producers are being sued over the performer’s abrupt cancellation of a June 2007 concert in Honolulu. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday and Rain could be called to testify as early as Wednesday, AP said.

“He will be appearing at some point in the litigation”, the performer’s Honolulu attorney Jennifer Lyons was quoted as saying.

Hawaii-based Click Entertainment Inc. alleges in the suit that Rain and his producers defrauded it of more than $500,000 paid in licensing fees. Also, it is seeking additional damages for the cost of staging the event, including rental of Aloha Stadium, stage production, travel, hotel accommodations, merchandising and advertising.

The concert was canceled just days before the scheduled June 15, 2007, performance at Aloha Stadium, disappointing many fans who paid as much as $300 for a ticket and flew to Honolulu from as far as away as Japan and South Korea. It was the first stop on the “Rain’s Coming” U.S. tour.

Performances in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles were also canceled. The show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was canceled less than two hours before show time, “due to issues related to the show’s production”, promoters said. All ticket holders were offered refunds.

Concert organizers at the time said they called off the performances because of a copyright challenge from Nevada-based record company Rain Corp. A Nevada District Court later dismissed the case.

Rain, 26, is widely popular across Asia where his smooth dance moves and sculpted body have earned him the nickname of the “Justin Timberlake of Asia”. He also gained popularity with his roles in Korean TV drama series, such as the hit “Full House”.

source: korean times

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Rain has canceled his “World Tour”. Ji-hoon is to appear in court for fraud-related charges on the 18th

In accordance with American laws, Rain could have appeared on either the 11th or 12th but decided to push it back to the 18th. If he does not appear, he may subject to an arrest warrant from the Hawaiian courts. He apparently plans to attend the trial and cancel his tour… wise decision Mr Jung.

Honolulu promoter, Click Entertainment purchased the rights as promoter to the Hawaiian concert for June 2007. They claim that Rain, (his former management) JYP Entertainment and StarM (host of the World Tour), canceled the concert unilaterally. Thus, they are suing Rain for $40 million.

Meanwhile, in the Korean courts, Click sued Rain and StarM for fraud charges. The Korean courts found them not guilty of all charges since neither Rain nor StarM had intentions of making money from a fraudulent contract. Rain had asked for a special stage to be installed for safety issues as a clause in the contract, but the promoter had ignored this condition. And so Rain had apparently canceled due to breach of contract.

source: seoulbeats


Rain has been selected as a model for Pizza Hut Korea, and as an ambassador for the company. He will promote with a concert and other social contribution activities such as providing pizza for low-income children and other pizza donations. Pizza Hut Korea expects him to participate in a wide range of activities for promotion.

Source: Newsen
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The 2,000 crowd surged in Rain’s 6to5 autography party celebrating the opening.

According to J.Tune entertainment, the number of customers participating in this autography party which has been proceeded since it was begun in Lotte shop last 28th, is calculated at over 2,000 by the department store’s side.

His fans who had met with the news that Rain would held the event, formed a long line around the event hall from dawn. His foreign fans from Hong Kong, China, including Japan, especially came to Korea for this event.

J.Tune entertainment also mentioned, “at the event in Cheonahn & Cheongjoo of Choongnam region last 1st, 3 police companies were sent there due to the news that Rain would visit, and the traffic was blocked.” showed his popularity.

Credits: Star News
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Singer Rain has released a ‘Recollection’ album to his 5th album ‘Rainism’.

J-Tunes announced, “Repackaged album to Rain’s 5th album ‘Rainism Recollection’ will include the original 12 songs plus new versions of the songs and a DVD.”

The album will also include the Asian version of the song ‘Rainism’ and also English, Japanese and Chinese version of ‘Love Story’. The acoustic version of ‘12th September’, ‘My woman’, and urban mix of ‘Fresh Woman’ etc will also be included

Meanwhile, the full 35-min version of the MV ‘Love Story’ featuring actress Ha Ji Won is also be included in the DVD.

source: sookyeong


Forbes Korea released the results of ‘Korea Power Celebrities’ on 25th February in commemoration of their 6th anniversary.

‘Korea Power Celebrities’ selects 40 individuals/groups from the fields of acting, singing, CF modelling, sports etc looking at their popularity, income and influence etc.

And group Big Bang and WonderGirls are #2 and #3 on the chart respectively.

And the title of ‘Korea’s Best Star’ goes to ‘fairy on ice’ ice skater Kim Yeon Ah.

The standards used in ‘Korea’s Power Celebrities’ are the same of that used in Forbes America’s ‘Power Celebrity 100′.

Kim Yeon Ah emerged as ‘Korea’s Best Star’ after winning 2nd on influence on media appearance, 1st on professionalism, 3rd for popularity on internet search and appearance on broadcast programs and 12th on income.

And 5-member group Big Bang, who roped in a total of 35 billion KRW of income on album sales and concert sales, is listed at #2 position on the chart after Kim Yeoh Ah. And also girl group WonderGirls, who brought us many smash hits after smash hits  like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’ is at #3 on the chart.

Other standings:

  • #4 – Kpop diva Lee Hyori
  • #5 – Group So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • #6 – Soccer plater Park Ji Seong on Man.U team
  • #7 – Lee Seung Yeop
  • #8 – Singer Rain
  • #9 – MC Yoo Jae Seok
  • #10 – Kim Tae Hee

source: sookyeong


Korean superstar Rain agreed to a deal with an American album maker, Rain Corporation, over a trademark dispute. Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, reported that Rain will use “The Rain” for all his music activities in the United States. However, he will retain his name, “Rain,” for film credits. Also “The Rain,” will be used only in America, thus it’s not likely to confuse his fans in other regions. In accordance with the decision, Rain will release his debut album in America under the name, “The Rain.” The album release is scheduled for late this year.

Rain Corporation, a Las Vegas firm, had filed for damage compensation against Rain for using the name “Rain” for his Las Vegas concert in December 2006. The company also asked for an injunction to ban Rain from using his name in future concerts. The name dispute had forced Rain to cancel his concert in Hawaii in May 2006. Rain was sued by Click Entertainment, the local Hawaiian concert organizer, for 40 million dollars in damage compensation for canceling the concert.

Source: KBS World
Credit: seoulfull


On February 4th, in the morning, SM artists are having singing rehearsal for Music Industry New Year meeting as announced by Ministry of Culture for the government’s mid-term plan at Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Minister Yoo appointed 5 teams to join the Korean music globalization promotion team, they are: world star Rain, TVXQ, Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, and Wonder Girls. These teams will lead in the globalization of Korean pop music in the matter of Korean wave.

The ministry said, “This music industry meeting is included in one of the South Korea government’s medium-term plan. Government concerns and encourages staffs in music industry to promote the globalization of Korean music.”

source: SPN News + 내심촹
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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