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Se7en will begin full-scale promotional activities in three major cities: New York, Atlanta, and Washington DC.

YG Entertainment said, “Se7en will spend time promoting ‘Girls.’ First he’ll start with cities in the east side of the United States.”

“Girls” was released on March 11 (Korea time). The music video ranked at #5 on Myspace, and has a 5-star rating (the highest) on iTunes by users.

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Se7en’s official MV is out!

Se7en Girls Music Video Ft. Lil Kim


Se7en (real name Choi Dong-wook) finally makes his American debut!

Se7en has been promoting his English songs through preview parties namely at Hiro Ballroom in New York City and other parties across the US and Canada. He officially makes his debut in the USA on 10th March, 2009 with the single “Girls”.

The single comes with a music video which is released simultaneously in the States, Korea and Japan. The debut song “Girls” was produced by well known producer Dark Child. Lil Kim is also featured in this song.

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Se7en is going back to Korea … this fall, this according to an interview with Yonhap news and YG Entertainment CEO / Former Seo Taiji member Yang Hyun Suk.

Before he returns to Korea, he’ll finish up his activities in America and Japan. Se7en plans to release his debut song “Girls” on iTunes on March 10th. Then two to three months down the line they’re planning to release a second single. Se7en will then go to Japan in the summer to have some activities in the Japanese market. Finally returning back to Korea in the Fall, after more than 2 years in America.

YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk said this in the interview:

This isn’t about album sales, more so about signaling Se7en’s debut into the American market. We don’t except our first single to enter the Billboard Charts or even receive a lot of sales, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t succeeded. We worked with famous musicians and producers such as Lil’ Kim and DarkChild, that in itself is half-success. I had meetings with some industry contacts in America, such as officials at Interscope Records. Through these meetings I was able to have Lil Kim’s participation. Another prominent US musician will be featured in Se7en’s second single.

We never anticipated Se7en’s debut to take such a long time with so many delays. During the process, he was working hard learning English and constantly recording music. At the same time, we were still researching the American market for Asian artists. It’s very difficult in America because there isn’t any Musical Ranking Type shows like back in Korea. Even TRL on MTV is gone now, so that makes it difficult. Constant Radio play and Music Videos are most crucial in America, and MTV won’t play just a random foreign singer with a different look, musical style, and someone who can’t speak English properly. To have Se7en’s MV play on TV and have his music play on local radio stations across the nation is the key.

Another key is to change the focus / perception from being recognized as solely Korean / Asian to simply Artist. A person who has succeeded in this is actress Kim Yun-Jin. She’s recognized as her character on Lost and not solely as an Asian.

I said to Se7en that although he is a star back in Korea, he’s a relative nobody over here. Pouring money into it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed. You must work hard and make music that fits the taste of the American market. You must also have fluent English and present yourself in a way that’ll attract an audience. Although money doesn’t guarantee success, it does help. We need to receive capital and have deals in place with major record agencies. We would need them to help shoulder the marketing and promotional costs.

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Se7en’s official site ( is now opened as of 25th February.

His American debut single ‘Girls’ teaser video will be released on the 4th, full MV on 1oth March American time.

The digital single ‘Girls’ will be released on iTunes from 10th March as well as other sites like Rhapsody, Amazon and Napster.

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YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Seok spoke up about singer Se7en’s (25) American debut in an interview recently.

In the interview, Yang said, “We didn’t know that his debut will take this long and late. Se7en has been practising on his English and singing all this while non-stop.”

He added, “Se7en’s American debut song ‘Girlz’ will be revealed on iTunes and he will release a 2nd single 2-3 months after that. After which, He will be promoting in Japan during July-August and then return back to Korea in October.”

“The digital single ‘Girlz’ is produced by famous producer in American and features rapper Lil Kim. Lil Kim will also appear about 40% of time in the MV. We are not hoping to see the song get into Billboard top 100. We think that to have such great people work on this single is already half of the success.”

About Se7en’s late debut in America, “We didn’t know it will take this long and late. All this while, Se7en has only been practising on his English and singing. We are debuting Se7en 1 year later because we are being careful and constantly analyzing the American market because until now there hasn’t been a successful Asian singer in America.”

“The American market, do not have the weekly music broadcast programs like in Korea, hence MV and radio play is very important here. Would you want to make an MV that shows an imperfect language, image and music style that is influenced by other music and then all rejected by your target market? We want Se7en’s music and MV to be an inspiration when it is broadcasted.”

We see many Asian actors making their way into the American market like Kim Yoon Jin, but many a times their success depends on the character and role they play in the movie/show and they are often chosen because of their Asian origins.

“But for singers, it is the fine line of victory or defeat. That’s why we have Lil Kim to support the acceptance of song ‘Girlz’. Se7en’s 2nd single will also have the particiation of a famous American artiste.”

“I keep telling Se7en, ‘You are not a Korean star here, you are purely a new singer’. America is not a country made of money. You got to enter with the type of music the market wants and with the right language-grasp. You also need to strategies by working with the local music firms and talents.”

source: sookyeong


Singer Se7en will have his official homepage for his American debut up on 24th February.

YG Entertainment announced, ” Se7en Worldwide ( will be opened on 24th. This homepage will update on Se7en’s American debut, his songs, videos and also photos.”

This will be Se7en’s first worldwide homepage apart from his own MySpace page. There will also be an event for the opening of the homepage where fans can get to meet Se7en.

Se7en’s new song ‘Girlz’ will be revealed on 10th March and the MV teaser on 4th March.

source: sookyeong


Singer Se7en’s American debut date has yet again been postponed.

Initially, the plan was to have Se7en debut on Valentines’ Day which is 14th February with the song ‘Girlz’ but it was postponed to 4th March on the reason that more preparation work is needed.

And now, YG Entertainment is saying that there is still more preparation work to be done and had set the date to be on 10th March for the song to be official revealed.

YG Entertainment said in a phone interview on 12th February, “We have decided to go with revealing the song on 10th March. The music video teaser will be revealed on 4th March.”

This is Se7en’s American debut 2 years in the making.

There are plans for Se7en to promote in Korea for certain period of time after his American debut. It will be great news for Se7en fans since it has been a long time since Se7en has promoted in Korea.

source: sookyeong

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