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2PM’s Jaebeom was featured on K.Will’s “One Droplet in a Second.” Jaebeom came out rapping on stage in some cool looking shades and a “7″ necklace chain. 7 means 7 members of 2PM.

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This post is for Sarah..i hope you like it..hehe
A fanmade video for Micky’s bday..I haven’t watch it but i guess it’s really touching..

LOOK! I found this cool Fanfic/Ficpic in sharing yoochun, it’s a actually their gift to Micky: HERE
You can also download pics of his bday just vist this wp blog and you can find the dl link there: WP blog
credits to:ltdh228@yt,mickytohos@yt,SharingYoochun, Hanleidbsk,Thai Site for the pic, and to kat for helping me..

This i actually a philippine fangirlgroup who loves SuJu..and trying to spread suju’s love through forming a group.
A Philippine fangirl group compose of 11 members is in NEED of two new members who are an avid fan of Super Junior’s Shindong and Ryeowook. This group has been active since April of this year and in order for the group to be official, it needs to have 13 official members.. Each member of this group has a particular fave member of the group Super Junior. If you are an avid fan of Shindong, and Ryeowook you can be part of this group. And the only  qualification is that you should be a Filipina..

If you have any questions, just drop a comment, PM or contact Myca – 09204060116 or 09095761084, and YM:

man, this man is really something!!!
I love his beat boxing!!!

that’s all guys.. just want to share..

Actor Kim Bum has decided to drop out of the movie 71 that he had previously been cast in with Big Bang’s Seung Ri and fellow actor Yoo Seung Ho.

The movie 71 tells the story about 71 South Korean student soldiers who fight against several hundred North Korean soldiers in the war on August 10th, 1950. The South Korean soldiers are led by their three commanders, Yun Chi Wook (Seungri), Park Han Seob (Kim Bum), and Eugene/Yoo Jin (Yoo SeungHo).

It has been revealed that due to the tight scheduling of his other movie, Emergency and his drama Dream, it wasn’t feasible to be working on 71 also. It must be hard to be the “It” boy, although I wonder how this will affect the movie’s production now that one of its top actors is out.

Kim Bum of the drama Boys Over Flowers

credits to: AKP

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TVXQ / DBSK is back in Korea once again. They specifically went to Gwangju for the Hope Concert which was held earlier today. Gwangju is the hometown of TVXQ’s leader Yunho, so he was extremely proud to perform in front of his hometown fans.

It’s great that they’re in Korea but they won’t be there for long. TVXQ will be extremely in the next few weeks. First, on March 30th, they’re scheduled to attend a Fanmeeting in Thailand presented by Yamaha. Shortly thereafter they’ll be in China doing various TV shows / activities and then perform April 4th at the 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Nanjing, China. Then it’s back to Japan once again for a few days to appear on a couple TV shows, and then back to Korea again for the Sparkling Concert in Seoul on April 10th and 11th. Talk about a hectic schedule, these boys don’t know the meaning of rest. Anyways, check out some of the pictures and fancams from the Hope Concert Below (credits: DNBN and miheeXD, Sorry Changmin fans – couldn’t find any pics of him).


credits to:  GhostWriter in ALLKPOP


I’m sure they’ll be busy.. ooh they preformed in Yunho’s hometown???

he’s kababayan sure is proud of him..


Kababayan- filipino word for those who live together in one city or province or country.


A total of 20,000 people attended today show. At the end of the event, Youngwoong Jaejoong said “The fact of why we want to do live performance here. (Because) just once, we want to play at Universal Studios Japan too.” (laughs)

Yesterday, on March 14th from Universal Studios Japan, Lagoon Stage park — MTV live events hosted under “MTV White Day Special Live with “东方神起” was held. Tohoshinki appeared as a guest.

Just before performance time almost started, the rain suddenly stopped, thus Tohoshinki finally could appear at the lake in Lagoon Stage. The 5 bodies were looking so good wrapped in black suits. For the opening performance to the fans who already gathered, “どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?” was sung.

Next went on with “Begin”, it was a relaxing beautiful chorus performance. Standing on an open-air stage, all the five members of Tohoshinki showed cheerful expression. Youngwoong Jaejoong shouted “It’s a lucky day!” and Yunho added, “Today is white day and I’m so delighted to be able to meet all of you,” Then “Summer Dream” and “We Are!” were performed with such charming dance.

The hit single “Bolero” was the climax of Tohoshinki’s stage that day. From a very wide space, everyone can feel the charm of these 5 guys who ended the show with not only beautiful performance, but also a great dance.

In addition, the performance will air on MTV on April 15th at 22:30.

■ Set List

01. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
02. Begin (1st show) /明日は来るから(Asu wa Kuru Kara – 2nd show)
03. Summer Dream
04. ウィーアー! (We Are!)
05. Bolero

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


After much acclaim for her R&B cover of SNSD’s “Gee”, 27-year-old Natalie White has been flown to Korea and has expressed her love for Korean music.

Natalie, born in Indiana, is currently an amateur singer and music producer. Koreans, who have always been envious of the global success of American music, have flocked to praise a talented American musician who is supportive of their own culture. The papers have praised her for her perceptiveness for commenting that K-Pop has “energy” and makes people want to dance along.

White had apparently been exposed to K-pop for the first time through television ten years ago while attending university. Even though the television in her dorm showed only three channels, one of them happened to be a dedicated channel for Koreans. From watching K-dramas, she became interested in the music too. This is a rather familiar path for a lot of us, no?

She had first become fascinated by Shinhwa, before starting to cover songs by BoA, DBSK, SNSD, Wondergirls, SS501 and May Doni. As you all know, Natalie likes to put her own unique twist to each of the K-pop songs and upload them on YouTube under the username “Pumashock”. Her videos of R&B cover of “Gee” and WonderGirls “Nobody” have amassed over 2.6 million views and is certainly getting K-pop fans around the world excited. Netizens have embraced her videos not withholding praise, saying “she’s the best” and “refreshing”.

White has told Korean press that she wants to debut as a singer in Korea and help the musical exchange between K-Pop the States. She said that she doesn’t want to look special just because she is an African-American singing Korean songs, that she wanted to transcend nationalities and be recognized as a musician. This is unlikely – it is doubtful that an average Korean girl singing a remix Gee on YouTube would have caused such a media maelstrom.

Let’s face it, we the Koreans are looking for validation of our pop culture and that a seemingly-talented American has taken the effort to learn this song and is showering us with compliments is just massaging our bruised egos (after the damp squibs we call Se7en and BoA). Natalie’s been famous for less than a month, and she’s already featured in official government pages from to the front page of

Even JYP, who brought us the likes of Rain and the Wonder Girls for whom it should be in his interest to promote K-Pop, doubted the existence of the “Hallyu” (the Korean cultural wave), saying last year that if something is good enough to be global, then it’s good enough to be global, it doesn’t have to be Korean. Try telling that to the public who want to believe Rain and “Coffee Prince” are popular in America.

Natalie has fulfilled a small dream that she has cherished for ten years though. On SBS Star King, she managed to meet Andy of Shinhwa in person. She was obviously pleased with the opportunity to perform with him.

Upon hearing her renditions of “Nobody” and “MollaIng”, Yoon Il Sang (former music producer for Kim Beom-Soo, Lee Jung Hyung, COOL, Kim Jong Kook etc) kept praising her: “Natalie has the emotions and singing power unique to black people and has the ability to easily change the feeling of any Korean song at her will… with a little specialist vocal training before debuting, she could become a leading star in Korean music”

If anyone has been waiting for the March 7th edition of Star King! to watch Pumashock in action, you probably already know that it has been postponed because of Korea and Japan waving
sticks and throwing leather lumps (ie baseball) being aired on SBS in Star King!’s slot, so it will apparently air this Saturday instead.

source: seoulbeats

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