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May is a period where there are a lot of university festivals held in Korea. Thus, (the largest music site in Korea) held a poll on May 21st to know list of artists whom the students most want to be invited at their festivals.

The Most Wanted Artists To Be Invited to University Festival


“even if they’re only sitting still, SoShi will be still a big show!”


“TVXQ has been active in international activities. Currently TVXQ is advancing a live tour in Japan until early in July and it’s expected that the tour will be sold out.”

3. Super Junior

Occupied by a group of 13 members. Super Junior’s songs “Sorry, Sorry” and “It’s You” also gained good responses in bugs site as it’s placed at 5th on charts.

SM Entertainment’s groups are sweeping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, showing its scary power in music industry.

4. Big Bang

Big Bang whose rating rose in a short time. Netizens said, “It’s an opportunity for Big Bang. Recently they’re popular as a group and not idol.”

5. Kim Hyeon-joong SS501

6. Wonder Girls

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We all know that Wonder Girl’s “Nobody” is a big hit in Korea and all around Asia. JYP is even starting to promote the song in America too. Personally, I love the song and all the remixes by the Wonder Girls so why, Why, WHY?! does the Cambodian group RHM have to ruin the song for me?

RHM is getting a lot of flack for stealing the choreography and style of both “Tell Me” and “Nobody.” JYP Entertainment along with Sony BMG will be looking into the case and most likely take them to court.

From RHM’s crappy imitation of the dance to the horrible singing voices, RHM has just ruined my day.

Check it out (starts at 48):

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Tsunku, one the most prestigious producers in Japan, has been getting a lot of attention for his interest in Wonder Girls, SNSD, and Kara.

Tsunku had a news conference on the ninth at the Intercontinental Hotel Allegro Hall about the first ever Korea-Japan joint audition project called “Meet Tokyo Girl”.

Tsunku who is the producer for the whole Hello Project artists, including Morning Musume, has been praised highly for his producing ability, thus giving him the authority for the final decision of this audition. Leaders of top Japanese girl groups, Saki Shimizu from Berryz Kobo, and Maimi Yajima from C_ute, also attended the news conference with Tsunku.

On this day, Tsunku said, “I think that the level of Korean music industry is very high. I was not able to access the Korean Music industry easily before. I just recently got familiar with the Korean Industry as the exchange of the entertainment goods is getting more settled in.”

He also added, “I realized that if I don’t try harder, than the Korean music Industry will take over the Japanese music industry. I want to bring Wonder Girls, SNSD, and Kara into my own company, as well as Kangta from H.O.T.”

“Meet Tokyo Girl” is a joint project between Up-Front Entertainment and Mnet Media, in which they will choose a Korean member through open auditions. Starting from the coming 10th to the 19th of April, Tsunku will be choosing the 10 finalists. After the audition, these 10 members will go through an intense training for 8 weeks, and at the end, only one will be chosen to become a trainee for Hello Project. The winner will then go to Japan, and take all the steps that a normal Japanese entertainer would take to debut in Japan.

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Forbes Korea released the results of ‘Korea Power Celebrities’ on 25th February in commemoration of their 6th anniversary.

‘Korea Power Celebrities’ selects 40 individuals/groups from the fields of acting, singing, CF modelling, sports etc looking at their popularity, income and influence etc.

And group Big Bang and WonderGirls are #2 and #3 on the chart respectively.

And the title of ‘Korea’s Best Star’ goes to ‘fairy on ice’ ice skater Kim Yeon Ah.

The standards used in ‘Korea’s Power Celebrities’ are the same of that used in Forbes America’s ‘Power Celebrity 100′.

Kim Yeon Ah emerged as ‘Korea’s Best Star’ after winning 2nd on influence on media appearance, 1st on professionalism, 3rd for popularity on internet search and appearance on broadcast programs and 12th on income.

And 5-member group Big Bang, who roped in a total of 35 billion KRW of income on album sales and concert sales, is listed at #2 position on the chart after Kim Yeoh Ah. And also girl group WonderGirls, who brought us many smash hits after smash hits  like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’ is at #3 on the chart.

Other standings:

  • #4 – Kpop diva Lee Hyori
  • #5 – Group So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • #6 – Soccer plater Park Ji Seong on Man.U team
  • #7 – Lee Seung Yeop
  • #8 – Singer Rain
  • #9 – MC Yoo Jae Seok
  • #10 – Kim Tae Hee

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KBS 2TV Music Bank did a little reorganisation to their show on 11th January 2008 introducing their own ‘K Chart’ and upgrading itself to become ‘MuBank K Chart Show’.

With its 500th episode coming, we see the different records made on the show in the past 1 year.

And group Big Bang is the number 1 winner on the chart for the past year.

‘K-Chart’ is a collection of several charts – album record chart, digital record chart, viewers preference chart.

Big Bang was the first winner on K Chart on 11th January last year with the song ‘Last Farewell’. They were also the winner for the month of January on K Chart aired on 1st February.

Subsequently, for the rest of the months, the winners are:

  • February- So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • March- Jewelry
  • April- Lee Seung Gi
  • May- MC Mong
  • June- WonderGirls with ‘So Hot’
  • July – Brown Eyes ‘Don’t go, Don’t Go’
  • August – Seo Taiji ‘Maoi’
  • September – Big Bang with ‘Haru Haru’
  • October – Dong Bang Shin Ki with ‘MIROTIC’
  • November – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’
  • December – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’

And previously for January 2009, So Nyeo Shi Dae is the winner for the month with their comeback.

So for the past year, Big Bang is the winner for the most number of #1 on the chart. Big Bang were the #1for the month of January 2008, September 2008, November 2008 and December 2008.

Also, Big Bang set the record for taking both 1st and 2nd position for chart in the month of September. Other than Big Bang, group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Brown Eyes were at both #1 and #2 in the month of October and July respectively.

But amongst all the #1 winners, Seo Taiji emerged #1 with the most number of points at 11485.75 in August with the song ‘Maoi’.

source: sookyeong


Park Jin Young is to be on the same stage as 2PM and Wonder Girls in America.

JYP Entertainment (aka JYP) said that on the 16th “Park Jin Young is coming in March with ‘The JYP Tour 2009′ in three different cities and holding performances.”

If backtracked, JYP has made a huge success last year when having their concert in New York and LA. Due to popularity rising, Park Jin Young is said to have increased his concerts.

In this year’s concert, Park Jin Young is bringing his JYP-USA team who is set for debut such as J Lim (제이림), G-Seoul (지소울), and others who are currently receiving much attention from outside of Korea such as Wonder Girls and 2PM as guests.

One representative of JYP said “The organization and plot of the concert has been upgraded along with much anticipation to be received, even more than the first tour of Park Jin Young’s ‘Bad Party 2,’ complete with a plot, structure, and organization” and also “This concert is special because not only is it the JYP-USA team that will be performing, but other artists such as Wonder Girls and 2PM who will bring an amazing performance.”

Also said by one of the sponsors of the concert ‘Good Concert’ was that “This performance is yet again special because due to 2PM’s appearance, many from South East Asia have been giving calls for concerts to be held there also.”

‘The JYP Tour 2009′ is to take place on March 5th @ LA in Wilton Theater, Orange County’s La Mirada Theater on the 6th, and New York Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ball Room on the 8th.

Source: Star News


The Wonder Girls are expected to star in a drama tentatively named, “Dream High”. The drama will be produced by Bae Yong Joon and the “Gorilla” himself, Park Jin Young. Looks like he has the ladies on that same hectic schedule as last year and there doesn’t seem to be any break till April.

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Nation’s little sisters, Wonder Girls won the Daesang award at the 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards ceremony held this evening and promised to work harder in the future as they shed tears. Hosted by Jang Yoon Jung, Park Jung Ah and Shin Young Il, the awards ceremony took place at the Kangwon Taebaekshi Go Won auditorium as stars graced the ceremony.

The Wonder Girls were triple crown winners as they also won a Honorary Award and a Digital Music Award. The girls had only been back recently after a short trip to America to talk over their debut plans over there with their CEO, Park Jin Young and others.

Following their win, Wonder Girls leader Sun Ye stated while crying, “It was just our 2nd year anniversary (10th February). We are so grateful for this huge honor. We’ll reach further and try to do our very best. We’ll consider this an award from the Korean public who wants us to gather our strength and work hard. We’ll work even harder.”

Other members So Hee, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin and Sun Mi were also in tears, “Thank you for such a big honor. We’ll do our best to show you a better side of us in future.” This was the Wonder Girls 2nd Daesang award for Nobody after winning song of the year at last year’s Mnet KM Music Festival. After this, the Wonder Girls are expected to focus on preparing for their concerts and also catch up on lost time in filming CFs for their product endorsements.

Daesang – Wonder Girls
Bonsang – TVXQ, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Baek Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dambi, SS501, BEG
New Artists – Shinee, Davichi, Mighty Mouth
Highwon Music Award – Big Bang
Trot– Park Hyun Bin
Performance award – Kim Jang Hoon
YTNStar award – Baek Jiyoung
Best Album – Big Bang
Digital award – Wonder Girls
Popular Mobile Award – TVXQ, Big Bang
Hallyu Award – SS501

credit: ppopki@Spectacle (article) + 2MY@Soompi (winner list)

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WonderGirls who are currently discussing their plans in America, attended the The  Worlds on Fire exhibition hosted by The exhibition showcased today’s modern artist’s portraits of some of the Grammy nominees. Since many of the works were a wild range of artistic talent, having the girls dress in 60s retro outfits remeniscing of that period’s art deco fad seems fitting.

The girls definitely stood out and that’s good thing given how JYP is trying to have them network. A lot of famous people there and I’m sure they noticed and asked about Wonder

Girls. And for those who patiently struck up conversation with them, I’m sure they were delightfully impressed.

Account by: Wickerman @ soompi

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MNET has been slowly releasing various names for their “Super 100” Idols list for the past few weeks. Well now the full list has been released!

The list consists of artists both old and new and includes some of the biggest names in KPOP.

I don’t know how the list was compiled (I’m guessing internal voting at MNET), but I was surprised to see Big Bang’s G-Dragon at the top of the list. Also surprising was seeing Wonder Girl Sohee at second place. For the most part, I agree with the list although I would argue with some of the placements. Anyways, check out the full list below.

MNET Super 100 Idols:

1 – Big bang, Kwon Jiyong
2 – Wonder Girls, Sohee
3 – DBSK, Xiah junsu
4 – Big Bang, TOP
5 – DBSK, U-Know Yunho
6 – SS501, Kim Hyunjoong
7 – Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori
8 – SNSD, Taeyeon
9 – H.O.T, Jang Woohyuk
10 – DBSK, Micky Yoochun
11 – Big Bang, Daesung
12 – SES, Yoojin
13 – Shinhwa, Eric
14 – Wonder Girls, Sunye
15 – Big Bang, Taeyang
16 – DBSK, Hero Jaejoong
17 – 2PM, Nickhun
18 – Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri
19 – Shinee, Taemin
20 – Super Junior, Eunhyuk
21 – 2AM, Jokwon
22 – SNSD, Yoona
23 – G.O.D, Yoon Gyesang
24 – FT Island, Lee Hongki
25 – Sechs Kies, Eun Jiwon
26 – Dbsk, Changmin
27 – H.O.T., KangTa
28 – Wonder Girls, Sunmi
29 – SHINee Minho
30 – KARA, Han Seungyeon
31 – Bigbang, Seungri
32 – Super Junior, Heechul
33 – H.O.T., Tony An
34 – Shinhwa, Andy
35 – Se7en
36 – 2PM, Chansung
37 – Super Junior, Shindong
38 – SS501, Kim Kyujong
39 – Wonder Girls, Yoobin
40 – SNSD, Tiffany
41 – SHINee, Onew
42 – Super Junior KangIn
43 – Wonder Girls, Yeeun
44 – F.T.Island, Choi Jong Hun
45 – Sugar, Ayumi
46 – Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan
47 – Buzz, Min Kyunghoon
48 – CSJH, Stephanie
49 – Super Junior Siwon
50 – Sechs Kies, Go Ji-Yong
51 – Jung Jihoon (Rain)
52 – S.E.S, Bada
53 – 2PM, TaecYeon
54 – KARA, Goo HaRa
55 – Super Junior Sungmin
56 – SS501, Kim Hyung Joon
57 – 1TYM, Danny
58 – Super Junior Eeteuk
59 – SHINee, Jonghyun
60 – G.O.D, Son HoYoung
61 – SNSD, Seohyun
62 – Shinhwa, Junjin
63 – H.O.T., Moon Heejun
64 – Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung
65 – Click B, Oh, JongHyeok
66 – SNSD, Yuri
67 – Super Junior, Hangyeong
68 – Sechs Kies, Jang Suwon
69 – CSJH, Dana
70 – Super Junior, Kibeom
71 – FIN.K.L, Leejin
72 – Taesaja, Park Junsook
73 – NRG, Moon Seonghun
74 – Baby Vox, Kan Miyeon
75 – Click B, Kim Sanghyuk
76 – SS501, Heo Young Saeng
77 – FIN.K.L, Ok Juhyeon
78 – G.O.D, Denian
79 – Ttma, Soy
80 – 2PM Jaebeom
81 – SHINee, KEY
82 – Sugar, Park Sujin
83 – NRG, No Yumin
84 – 1TYM, Oh Jinhwan
85 – SNSD, Jessica
86 – Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo
87 – F.T.Island, Choi Minhwan
88 – Click B, Yoo Hosook
89 – Super Junior, Donghae
90 – Baby Vox, Shim EunJin
91 – Buzz, Son SungHee
92 – Supernova ,Geonil
93 – Taesaja, Kim hyungjun
94 – SNSD, Sooyoung
95 – Choi Changmin
96 – Milk, Seo Hyunjin
97 – Battle, Hwichan
98 – The TRAX, Jay Kim
99 -Sechs Kies, Kang Aunghoon
100 – Baby Vox Yoon Eunhye

Credits: source: Spectacle! Forum, credit: etbbong + daum + mnet, translated by: sunmijjang

additional cr: allkpop

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