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I’m really sorry that I’m not here to make this blog alive. Thanks denzsheang for keeping it alive for us. We are still looking for people to update this blog to so it wouldn’t be burden to denzsheang. Please contact me!!!

Anyways, actually I’m busy because I’m still working on my demo and other stop and been crazy because of the gathering.Sapphire Pearls is an afflifiate of us. Me and Hazel is the one who organize this gathering. I should have posted this before but since it’s move again, I’ll post now. But sorry for those who are in Cebu, you’re gathering already took place  yesterday (June 7). Here are the details of the gathering in Manila and Mindanao.

Sapphire Pearls Phils. Gathering

A gathering to unite all Filipino’s heart with Super Junior…


First it was Malaysian Sapphire Pearls to have gathered; now it SP Phil’s turn to unite and bond together and spend the day to remember the friendship Super Junior has given us. This gathering wouldn’t be formal but just a picnic like spending time with family, after all we are one family.  In Cebu Gathering, SJUPH will join us and it will be their Endless Moment II in Cebu.


Manila Gathering

Date and Time: July 4 , 1 pm to 4 pm

Place: Luneta Park, meet us near Juan Sumuroy Statue near Chinese Garden.

Things to bring:

–         a mat or anything you can lie on that can be put in the grass.

–          Snacks and plastics

–          Blue balloons

–          1 piece of paper (recyclable papers are highly encourage, small ones) 

–          Color materials (such as color pens, crayons, color pencils but please don’t bring glitters)

–          Glue

–          P50 to P100




-introducing oneself

-Talents on the spot (*evil laugh*, but please don’t be afraid to come because of this, I believe all ELF are talented. We wouldn’t force you if don’t do it)


                *truth or dare

                *the one Super Junior played with Anya and Eva in the so-called training camp.)

                * I’m out of ideas, but I open for suggestions

-Group picture taking

-Balloon releasing with wishes for Super Junior

-I don’t know, if we can find someone who speaks at least basic Korean, we might call SukIra. I know it’s early but there are chances that they are recording it since sometimes it isn’t live right?!?


That’s all…



Just kidding… I know you’re asking what does items 5-6 is for.

Well, we wouldn’t end the gathering by picture taking or the balloon releasing but instead of making a photo/letter book for Super Junior.

A 20 page photo/letter book (one bond paper for page, cover are included) for Super junior is enough to let them know our love for them right? We’ll make something similar to this >

We’ll write our own letters on the said photo/ letter book so be ready for a maximum of 30 words (is it to small) letter for Super Junior so please bring colorful ballpens or blue ballpens. The ones who are there will be able to write it by themselves. For them to be able to read and understand the letter, it would be better if you’ll write it in Korean, but then I think it’s the best to write it in our own language so they can feel the Filipino love but your choice, hehe. We’ll need someone who can translate  Filipino to Korean and can write it so we can add the translation to the main letter. Please contact me ( For those who have drawing of Super Junior 13 (All of them in one band paper) , we’ll be happy to add it but we need the best and we’ll only choose one! As the others make the photo/ letter book, some will go to the nearest photoshop so we can print out the picture taken by that day and the other gathering from Cebu and Mindanao (4 each in Manila, Cebu and Mindanao,  and 1 sapphire blue balloons flying.. total of 13 pictures) we’ll just get the best pictures (probably the group picture ones) and be printed out.  The final gift will be send to Sukira (please, don’t ask us the address) by LBC. The shipment might cost P1000 to P2000 defending on the Kilograms of the gift. That’s why we are asking for contribution for the print out of the pictures and shipment.  (Disclaimer: I know, this is a risk taker because even though we do send it to them in Sukira, that doesn’t mean it can get to them. But it’s worth trying right?)

How does the letter works?!?

We’ll be accepting letters from people who can’t come in the gathering in the 3 part of Philippines but it will be limited since the one who are there will be writting first. While people in Cebu will gather letters too and one general letter (I’ll ask the organizers to make it). For those in Mindanao, just send your letter to me (remember, maximum of 30 words) and one general letter (which will be made too by the organizers). The Letters that was send to us will be printed out while the ones who came in the gath will be written by themselves and about the Cebu Gathering, they’ll be sending it and we’ll write it for them. For the mindanao, we’ll write the first 13-20 letters while print out the rest.


1. greetings to Super Junior and  Heechul celebrating his birthday and belated to Leeteuk oppa ; 2. general letter from Sapphire Pearls (I’ll ask Yieng to do this.); 3. Letter from the Sapphire Pearls Phils. (defenitely made by admins of SP Phils.); 3. Picture of Sapphire Blue Balloons floating in the sky; 4. Pictures of the Gathering in Manila with the letter from the organizers. 5-7. Letters from Manila. 8. Picture of the gathering in Cebu with the letter from the organizers. 9-11. Letter’s from Cebu. 12. pictures from mindanao and letter from the organizers; 13-15. Letters from Mindanao. 16. Fanart 17. request to them(we wouldn’t tell but we really need someone who can translate Filipino to korean and write it in hangul) 18. the last word will be.

Mahal namin kayo! (please tell me how do they say I love you in Mindanao and Visayas?)





Any more reaction? Comments and Suggestions? Fill free to ask us.


This may not be a formal gathering but this might be a meaningful gathering.. ^_^


See you there..


Mindanao Gathering

The gathering will be held at first week of July since Joann will be going to other place for family reasons I think.

Still it will be on held on a beach.

Since there won’t be a picture of the SP Gathering in Mindanao, I decided to announce that there will still be picture from people in Mindanao. But it won’t be the same. Just send  the (at my yahoo account stated above) 1 group picture (minimum of 5 person, mianhae but i need to maximize the spaces since the pages is only limited.) If you can’t, i just might add other person in the picute, i’ll just photoshop it. It will be great if it will be taken similar to a beack but its okay if not, just show your Super Junior love with banners or balloon or wear blue.. I’ll choose the best 4 group picture.  That’s All, i’ll announce the rest when everything is finalize there..



This not a gathering that is organize by ELF PH, or link to their gathering in July 11. Andrea unni, contacted me and told me that many confuse about this and their gathering. I repeat, this is not a gathering hosted by ELF PH. We are not united or afflifiates with ELF PH. Thank you.


If you’re afraid to come because you think this is only Sapphire Pearls Gathering or you might be Out of Place, please don’t be afraid. Our main objective is to tighten the friendship between all the people who supports and love Super Junior. Thank you.


And one more thing.


No matter what fan club you are from, ELF PH or SJUPH or any other fanclubs, as long as you love Super Junior,



Thank you and see you there.




Truthfully yours,

Sapphire Pearls Phils.


i’ll be accepting the letters now.. 

please send your letters to

with the subject as Letter

please follow this format


[City, Province] (so i can determine if your from Visayas area, Mindanao area, or Luzon area..

[Letters] 25-30 words only.. if you can translate and write it to korean, the better so they can read it…


Please send it before July 1 so I can arrange it.. I’ll be using photoshop so I can arrange it properly. It will be printed out unlike for the ones who will come since they can write it themselves, except for those who are in Mindanao and Visayas area.. Thanks..


PS: please don’t leave it as a comment.. I’ll post the names of those who I  received at July 2..


Sis (Hazel) is thinking of closing the blog since no one wants to join and help us to promote and get the site more better since both of us will be busy for college, I don’t know if we can still update this..I was thinking about it too but then I can’t help but to feel kinda disappointed.. and still wanna continue to it..

still interested in the blog?!?

help us and apply to be co-admin of ours..

if not, i’ll officially close this blog.. I might just put news that I can update in my own blog..

I’ll be waiting for your application until April 13.. Thanks..

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